Aviva Stadium, Ireland

01 September 2010
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Smoke free stadium

  • Aim:

    No smoking in the stadium for all large sporting and concert events to include no exit and re-entry during the game. Where possible, to actively communicate with them regarding options to quit smoking. This will include spectators and staff alike.

  • Evaluation:

    Engagement will be recorded via customer / spectator feedback forums, via staff including smoking marshals / stewards and measured via the volume of leaflets distributed upon request supporting the national ‘Give Up Smoking’ campaign.

  • How Did It Make A Difference:

    By engaging directly with smokers in a social environment we hope to encourage an awareness regarding the opportunities for smokers who wish to quit in a social scenario which usually presents one of the biggest challenges to smokers. This will also help to support a smoke free environment for all.

  • Further Information:

    Bill Enright
    Stadium Operations Manager
    Aviva Stadium

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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