Tobacco-Free Stadia Guidance

Why tobacco-free?

Sports clubs and sports facilities have a lot to gain from adopting and enforcing a tobacco-free policy prohibiting the use, sale and promotion of any type of tobacco product within a stadium environment.

A well enforced tobacco control policy protects fans, staff, players and guests from the acute health hazards of exposure to second-hand smoke, as well as guarding against potential fire hazards, lowering cleaning costs and de-normalises any association between sport and tobacco.

In short, clean air has now become an international standard of comfort and safety expected at sports events in many countries across Europe and the rest of the world.

Although the benefits of a tobacco-free stadium policy are now well acknowledged, many clubs and stadium operators are disempowered by weak tobacco control laws.


However, even in countries with weaker tobacco control laws that do not apply to stadium settings, stadia operators have the right to go beyond legislation by integrating a strict smoke-free or tobacco-free policy into a stadium’s ground regulations.


Support for Stadia


Guidance document

To assist clubs and stadium operators in the development of a tobacco control policy we have developed a Tobacco-Free Stadia Guidance document available for free download here.

This document provides comprehensive support for club and/or stadium staff tasked with implementing the policy, including background information, tools, templates, case studies and additional links. This version of the guide is currently available in English language only.

Download the Tobacco-Free Stadia Guidance


Short guide

In addition, we have also developed a Tobacco-Free Stadia Short Guide which is aimed at executive level decision makers, and is available for download in English, French, German and Spanish language.

Download English language version Download French language version Download German language version Download Spanish language version Download Italian language version

Enforcement training

We have also developed a simple Enforcement Training Module to help train frontline staff such as stewards and security personnel as part of an integrated enforcement plan.

Download Enforcement Training Module


Smoking cessation

For any clubs or stadium operators interested in training staff in smoking cessation interventions, take a look at our Smokefree Squad campaign.

Go to Smokefree Squad campaign